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Bijziendheid controle

Singapore is de bijziendheidshoofdstad van de wereld met maar liefst 85% prevalentie voor bijziendheid. De meeste ouders denken dat het dragen van een bril of het ondergaan van LASIK en andere vormen van refractieve chirurgie het probleem van bijziendheid zal oplossen. De waarheid is dat bijziendheid zich ontwikkelt als gevolg van het adaptieve karakter van iemands oogbollen, die de neiging hebben langer te worden naar de achterkant van de ogen (axiale verlenging) om intens dichtbij te kunnen zien. Zodra bijziendheid optreedt, is het onomkeerbaar omdat de vorm van onze ogen alleen maar langer kan worden, maar niet kan worden teruggetrokken om korter te worden.


1. Fully Customized Orthokeratology treatment for myopia control

  • No need glasses in the day time

  • 99.6% myopia control (based on in-house data)

  • Safe with 0% infection rate (based on in-house data)

  • For non-responders to eyedrop treatment

  • For non-responders to other myopia control (such as glasses, contact lenses etc)

This treatment involves wearing a fully customized mould to sleep to reshape the corneas into a better focusing system. Just like bracers, this treatment acts very gently on the eyes.

Successfully halted myopia for over 1500 children in just 7 years, we have seen more than 99% children who have not had their myopia increased.

With our full customization, close monitoring and follow-up checks, we proudly say that we have near 0% infection rate and all the kids are enjoying clear vision without any glasses.

Power Range AeroV’s Fully Customized Orthokeratology can safely correct shortsightedness up to 1200 degrees, long-sightedness up to 400 degrees and astigmatism up to 600 degrees.

Is my child suitable? We will do a full pediatric eye examination and corneal topography to determine if your child is suitable.

Can my child try first before deciding? We provide in-office trial to let your child experience and to show you how the process is like during the consultation.

Why Us?

Unlike others who use mass-manufactured lenses, we build and design each and every orthokeratology lens from ground up (the ground being the cornea here).

First we calculate the curvature needed based on the refractive error and corneal curvature. Then we will start building the lens from outer ring towards the inner ring.

Next we adjust the treatment area, its size depends on individual's pupil size. Without doing this, the myopia control efficacy will not be optimized.

Then we adjust the treatment ring (its height and steepness to be exact) according to individual's refractive error to further reinforce on myopia control effectiveness.

We always spend the time to design each lens as precisely as possible because we know it plays a significant role in your child's myopia control.

2. Myopia Control Glasses

Compared to fully customized orthokeratology treatment (rate of control 99.6% based on in-house data), myopia control glasses has a lower rate of control, at 37-60%. This means that if a child’s myopia increases 100 degrees per year, it will increase 50 to 75.

It comes with various lens designs, a consultation would determine which design is the most suitable for your child.

We have all the myopia control lenses available, give us a call to check with us if you have a brand in mind.

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