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Volledig op maat gemaakte mini-sclerale lenzen

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Fully Customized Mini-Scleral lenses are treatment lenses that are called the most comfortable contact lens there is.

It is suitable for:

  • Adults who has soft lens intolerance (lenses get dry and stinging almost immediately after lens insertion)

  • Adults who has gone through LASIK or other refractive surgeries that need vision correction

  • Adults who have dry eyes (any type)

  • Adults who have corneal pathologies such as keratoconus etc

How it works:

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Fully Customized Mini-scleral lenses work by encaging fluid between the lenses and corneas. While not affecting the amount of oxygen reaching the corneas, this encaged fluid not only lubricates the eyes all day long, it also smoothens the optical surface to provide crisp and clear vision.

Adults who had gone through Refractive Surgery often have irregular corneas. For those who need further vision correct due to various reasons (power regression, old flower eyes “老花眼 lao hua” or bad haloes etc). Wearing soft contact lenses will be harmful because of the poor fit between the lenses and the irregular corneal shape.

Fully Customized Mini-Scleral lenses smoothens the optical surface of the cornea and rejunvenate your vision. Multifocal version is also available.

Other options such as Fully Customized Orthokeratology are also available in our clinic.

Conditions such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, scarring from previous corneal infection can cause vision impairment, because of the irregular corneal shape.

While glasses can only improve vision slightly. Fully Customized Mini-Scleral lenses can improve vision drastically.

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