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Fully Customized Orthokeratology Therapy

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Fully Customized Orthokeratology therapy for myopia control

  • No need glasses in the day time

  • 99.6% myopia control (based on in-house data)

  • Safe with 0% infection rate (based on in-house data)

  • For non-responders to eyedrop treatment

  • For non-responders to other myopia control (such as glasses, contact lenses etc)

Orthokeratology lenses are like braces for the eyes. Such lenses have been around for the last 20-30 years. Orthokeratology does not forcefully squeeze the cornea into shape. Instead, the lenses use the eye’s tears to gently mould the cornea so that short-sightedness and astigmatism are corrected.

Orthokeratology lenses are approved by the FDA (USA) for overnight wear. Studies have established that the risk of infection with use of orthokeratology lenses is no more than regular contact lenses. Recent studies report no complication or infection.

Peace of mind with AeroV

At AeroV, we have successfully fitted and corrected over 1,000 children with orthokeratology lenses.

Our success rate is 99% (no increase in power).

With our full customisation, close monitoring and follow-up checks, we have had no cases of eye infection since we started providing this service in 2015.

Power Range

AeroV’s Fully Customized Orthokeratology can safely correct shortsightedness up to 1200 degrees, long-sightedness up to 400 degrees and astigmatism up to 600 degrees.

Is my child suitable?

We will do a full pediatric eye examination and corneal topography to determine if your child is suitable.

Can my child try first before deciding?

We provide in-office trial to let your child experience and to show you how the process is like during the consultation.

Why Us?

Unlike others who use mass-manufactured lenses, we build and design each and every orthokeratology lens from ground up (the ground being the cornea here).

First we calculate the curvature needed based on the refractive error and corneal curvature. Then we will start building the lens from outer ring towards the inner ring.

Next we adjust the treatment area, its size depends on individual's pupil size. Without doing this, the myopia control efficacy will not be optimized.

Then we adjust the treatment ring (its height and steepness to be exact) according to individual's refractive error to further reinforce on myopia control effectiveness.

We always spend the time to design each lens as precisely as possible because we know it plays a significant role in your child's myopia control.

This treatment involves wearing a fully customized mould to sleep to reshape the corneas into a better focusing system. Just like braces, this treatment acts very gently on the eyes.

After a night of sleep, clear vision is achieved and no glasses will be needed for the rest of the day.

Adults who are not suitable for LASIK or other refractive surgery

Orthokeratology lenses are suitable for:

Adults who are not suitable for LASIK or other refractive surgery

Not everyone is suitable for refractive surgery if there is:

  • Severe dry eyes

  • Presence of eye disease

  • High refractive power

  • Thin cornea

Orthokeratology may be a suitable option for such individuals as the lenses do not remove any corneal tissue but simply reshape the cornea to correct the refractive error.

Adults who are unsuitable for disposable contact lenses due to dryness/discomfort, high eye power (high degree of shortsightedness or astigmatism)

Our orthokeratology lenses can correct high degree of shortsightedness and astigmatism as they are customised to the individual eye.

Adults who are approaching presbyopia or are presbyopic

It is not uncommon to experience change in eye power starting from age 40 onwards due to the development of presbyopia and/or cataracts. The effects of refractive surgery are permanent, which means that the surgical correction done in the 20s and 30s may become unsuitable and one would need to return to wearing glasses. Since orthokeratology does not make permanent changes to your eye, the lenses can also be modified to the new eye power so that you can continue to enjoy clear vision without glasses.

Talk to us to find out more about options for you!

Adults who have undergone LASIK or other refractive surgery

Some individuals experience power regression after refractive surgery such as LASIK. Their eyes are no longer suitable for regular soft contact lenses as the cornea shapes have been modified by the surgery. Our orthokeratology lenses can still be used as the lenses will be customised to the individual cornea.

Fully Customized Orthokeratology Treatment for adults who had gone through refractive surgery forks by re-moulding the corneal shape back to the desired shape. It corrects vision safely and gently move epithelial cells by tear hydraulic force.

Don’t feel frustrated. Talk to us today to find out if it is suitable for you!

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